Primary accounting

The objective of accounting documents is the chronological and systematic recording of transactions made monthly.

Rules in bookkeeping :
Submitting data in documents is done with ink, pasta with pen, typewriter or using computers. No erasures.
Any errors are corrected by crossing out the wrong figure or text, above it go figure or the text correctly. The correction is performed on all copies and is confirmed by the signature of the person who carried out the data correction mentioned also when it was made.
Not allowed corrections in the documents on which it receives, warrant is issued or cash.

Bookkeeping accounting and financial situation :
The ratio of primary accounting documents and accounts is determined by:
– toate documentele sunt înregistrate în contabilitate, thus reflecting a synthetic image of all operations;
– toate înregistrarile contabile trebuie sa se bazeze pe un documente contabile.

The basic package - accounting services :
• Entering the initial acquisition of a bookkeeping (Opening balances, Turnovers, hips partners, clients, liability).
• Research the situation and submit tax declarations sheet payer, since the takeover and periodically during collaboration.
• Data processing, check their registration information necessary comprehensiveness in accounting.
• Detection and request additional documents from the client.
• Analytic and synthetic bookkeeping clients, providers.
• Evidence of fixed assets, depreciation calculation.
• Registration of transactions in chronological order and logic of their fulfillment.
• Preparing Ledger, inventory register, VAT journals and ledger.
• Preparation of monthly trial balance, Clearance of performing all.
• Preparation of tax returns and VAT returns to the state budget.
• Preparation and certification of annual and quarterly balance sheets.
• Accounting salaries, including payroll, tax records, preparing statements related.
• Management Accounting and costing.
• Assistance to draw up the annual mandatory Inventory.